The Karmic Koala Makes Its Debut: Ubuntu 9.10 Now Available


Making good on its promise, Canonical is right now pushing out the door version 9.10 of Ubuntu , the infamous “Karmic Koala.” Ubuntu is one of the more popular renditions of open source Linux, that small, but dedicated, niche in the operating system universe that follows the path less taken.

And quite the path it is. Renai LeMay, of Cnet News , judged the current version, 9.04, to be “as slick and beautiful as Mac OS X and Windows 7.” Version 9.10 builds on this, adding faster boot times, a better driver for Intel integrated graphics, build in cloud storage, and a Software Centre that permits better management of applications. Ubuntu offers a suite of office applications, plus games, music, video, photo, email and chat software. And, naturally, includes Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 for browsing the web.

Ubuntu is at home on PC or Mac hardware , and comes in 32-bit. Ubuntu also comes in a server edition. And a netbook version, Kubuntu , is also available. Get everything you need to know about Ubuntu 9.10 from our guide.

Image Credit: Canonical

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