The iPad Gets Dropped, Dunked, and Smashed

Justin Kerr

Okay, i'm doing my best not to write about the iPad too much this weekend, but believe me its not easy. First impressions, app lists, and talk of accessories seems to have completely dominated the news cycle, but one article I stumbled upon seems to stand out from the rest. The iPad is a good looking piece of hardware, I won't deny it that, but what would it take to kill one? Well according to the guys over at PCWorld not much.

Turns out spilling coffee on the screen and even a few soft bounces on carpet are more than enough to cause serious hardware failure. I'm sure most of us expect a bit more durability out of our mobile gadgets , but hey they said it was magical not droppable right? Either way its a good reminder for new iPad owners that it is probably worth it to pony up for a protective case as one of those two scenarios are bound to happen eventually.

The spilled coffee and dropping on carpet pretty much cover off the normal use case accidents, but if you want to check out the iPad getting submerged, dropped on concrete, and even hit with a baseball you should probably check out the rest of the video for yourself below.

Does the durability of iPad have you concerned?

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