The Five Seconds You Spent Reading This Headline Could Have Been Spent Playing the StarCraft II Beta

Nathan Grayson

Wait. You read that headline and still chose – of your own volition – to read this article? Either you really love us or your fun radar needs a good tune-up, but either way, we like you more than we like all of our other readers.

With that said, the StarCraft II Beta is live . That is, playable. Right now . Here’s your complimentary link to the site where you can download the full 1.64 GB beta client and jump right into the action. Well, ok, the file’s pretty big, so you might not be jumping right into the action so much as you’ll be queuing up the action so you can maybe dive into it tomorrow after work.

Aw, who are we kidding? You're skipping work tomorrow. In fact, something tells us a large portion of the world is about to come down with "a headache... er, a cough... and I think I might have a fever too."

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