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Alas, unlike virtually every other blog post I've written as of late, this one isn't going to be epic. Or, rather, epically long . I'm busy reviewing a ton of cases this week, so I don't have time for one of my monster, 1,000+ word trips down blog lane. That said, I did want to put up something real quick-style about some of the "Maximum PC-style Awesome" web fun I've been checking out today.

If you're a fan of either the Elder Scrolls series or Crysis (these two games should encompass at least 94% of PC gamers' interests, I wager), you'll want to check this video out. A modder named Salenger has recreated the Oblivion landscape using CryEngine 2 . In short, it looks beautiful . I would love--absolutely love--to see Bethesda experiment with this kind of quality for future Elder Scrolls titles. Save for the rumored MMO, that is. Given that both Oblivion and Crysis were (or are) considered system-punishing game at the time of their respective releases, I venture that CryEngine 2-based Elder Scrolls MMO... would be playable by four to five people worldwide.

But I digress. Should I start up the online petition for a remake of Daggerfall in the Crysis engine, or will one of you beat me to it? What other old-school games deserve some retrofit treatment?


Crytek has told Salenger to keep his modding to himself, and in return, it appears Salenger has nuked any and all links to his work! That said, we've found a mirror of the video previously featured. Check it out , while it lasts! Full text of the quasi-cease-and-desist below the video!



Today I do have a sad news for you guys. Unfortunately I have to completely lock the thread and ask the creator Salenger neither to not post the further progress on his imports, nor to release the whole project since it is a clear copyright infringement.

Due to the massive advert on that news that happened during the last days on and other editorial sites, we do not want to emphasize this kind of work. I completely understand you guys didn't mean anything bad when supporting his work, but that topic has gone a bit too far into the public section.

Please respect the work fo each developer and try to realize your own creations based on your favourite game rather than just porting assets from one game into another.

Thank you for your understanding.


Alexander Marschal
Crytek Community Manager

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