The China-Google Fallout Continues, Hong Kong Search Results Censored

Ryan Whitwam

Starting yesterday, Google shut off their domain, and redirected the traffic to the uncensored Hong Kong version of the search engine. Now Chinese users are unable to view uncensored search results on the Hong Kong site due to government filters. This is probably not the last move China will make to punish Google.

China’s biggest telecom, China Mobile, is expected to cancel an agreement with Google to provide their homepage search. Many have said this is due to direct government pressure. China’s second largest cell carrier, China Unicom, has also delayed to launch of a smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system. It is also looking grim for Google’s Chinese sales presence, which could come under government pressure to shut down.

We probably haven’t seen the end of this saga, but the longer it goes on, the less likely that Google will ever manage to work out a deal with China. Should Google just pull out all together, or is this piecemeal approach best?

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