The Boogie Board is a Cheap, Digital Chalkboard

Ryan Whitwam

Sure, chalkboards and paper do what they do quite well, but we’re always looking for a way to apply technology to solve problems no one knew they had. Case in point, the “ Boogie Board ” from Improv Electronics uses a power-free transflective LCD to mimic a chalkboard.

No special tools are required; anything that can apply pressure to the tablet will work fine. You can draw whatever you like, educational or not. When you’re done, the tablet can be erased. The manufacturer claims the device will last for 50,000 erase cycles. If used in lieu of paper, Improv Electronics claims the savings are significant. The Boogie Board costs a mere $30.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get anything off the tablet. No connecting to the computer, no syncing. This is for writing and erasing only.  So if you hate dry erase boards and wasting paper like it grows on trees, this might be a good buy. Okay, paper does sort of grow on trees, but this thing is still cool, right?

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