The Biggest Technology Flops Of 2008

Justin Kerr

Every year around late December or early January the internet is bombarded with the top “whatever and such and such” of 2008. Here at Maximum PC we stopped to reflect on our favorite gaming moments , and even cracked the lid on the best of open source ; but we never took the time to focus on the hilarious technological flops of the year now past. Luckily however, Tom’s Hardware has put together a fairly comprehensive list. Some of which we can agree with, others perhaps worthy of debate. The list includes:

1.) HD DVD
2.) Nvidia’s Mobile GeForce 8400M and 8600M
3.) iPhone Killers
4.) Windows Vista
5.) Mobile Television
6.) OLED Displays
7.) Phenom X3
8.) The Microsoft Yahoo Proposed Merger
10.) Sony Ericsson XPeria X1
11.) HybridPower: Pseudo-Green
12.) Sony Batteries
13.) Fiber Optics
14.) Non-HD DTT
15.) GTA IV For PC

I’m sure we have more then a few readers that will jump to the defense of some of these items such as Windows Vista and perhaps OLED or Fiber, but it’s hard to argue with the bulk of it.

What do you think should be added or subtracted from the list?

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