The Best Psychadelic LED Hard Drive Clock We've Ever Seen

Ryan Whitwam

We love finding uses for old hardware seeing as we go through so much of it. The hard drive clock is a classic. We’ve seen it, and like it, but it’s getting old. However, one intrepid modder at the Hacked Gadgets site has reaffirmed our faith in the concept of the hard drive clock .

The modder, known as NatureTM, created a clock made from a still spinning hard drive. The hands are actually created by a single line of LEDs in the spinning platter. With mad scientist level math skills, NatureTM programmed the controller to flash at intervals to make it appear that there were moving hands on the clock. He used an open hardware prototyping platform called Arduino to control the time display.

NatureTM plans to release code at some point. So before you know it you’ll be ruining hard drives trying this yourself.

Here's the video:

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