TG Daily Tries Out The Cherry Micro-PC

Maximum PC Staff

The CherryPal could computer has been in and out of the ether for the past months, but finally the folks over at TG Daily can confirm that it exists. Sadly, while there were some good impressions, it’s clear that there’s plenty of work left to be done on this little black box.

First, let’s start with the good. The machine’s size is diminutive; they compare it to the size of an iPod. And what’s better is that it has zero moving parts, making it entirely silent. The default ports on the back of the box are a VGA monitor port, Ethernet, two USB ports and a headphone/speaker jack. Inside, it’s also got built in wireless card that picked up on their present wireless network effortlessly.

Now, it’s time for the all too dreaded bad. While the box is tiny, it’s also flimsy. The enclosure is nothing to be impressed with, and gave pretty cheap feel. And while this machine is meant for simple desktop functions, the Freescale 400MHz processor under the hood was barely able to do so. Firefox was consistently struggling to load, and it’d really only be manageable as a word processing machine . Also, you should note that you get zero extras with a machine of this size. No analog microphone port, no CD/DVD drive, and the two USB ports fill up pretty quick.

Overall, it sounds like a nice idea, but it looks very much like a rushed product. If you want to read the whole preview, be sure to check it out here !

Image Credit: CherryPal

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