TF2 Adds A.I. Bots, Asks Players to Take Them for a Test Run

Nathan Grayson

Robots may not be able to (adequately) clean our houses, cook our meals, or rise up and sentence us to an eternity of house-cleaning and meal-cooking just yet, but they can play a mean game of king of the hill. And so, knowing this, Valve’s added bots to Team Fortress 2 , though – at the moment – they’re still a few nuts and bolts short of completion.

“Since this is a beta test, the TFBots are only functional on these King of the Hill maps: koth_viaduct, koth_sawmill, and koth_nucleus. They don't understand the rules of multiple point capturing, cart pushing, or flag getting... yet,” Valve’s Mike Booth explained.

As for what makes these bots tick, Valve makes their method out to be a bit different than that of other developers. In a good way, of course.

“The bots have simulated humanlike senses, and only know what they see, hear, and touch. They also have realistic reaction times and aiming limitations. They don't ‘cheat’ or use omniscient knowledge of the server state to make their decisions,” Booth said.

Click through the link for instructions on how to add bots to your TF2 matches.

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