Texas Instrument's 4MB Flash Device Can Withstand the Heat (Up to 210C)

Paul Lilly

Texas Instruments today unveiled what it claims is the industry's first high-temperature, nonvolatile Flash memory device for harsh environments. The SM28VLT32-HT has an operational capacity of 4MB and has been qualified to work in extreme situations ranging in temperature from -55C to +210C. At either end of the spectrum, TI says its 4MB part is good for at least 1,000 hours of operating life.

A few scenarios TI identified as ideal for this sort of thing include oil and gas exploration, heavy industrial, and avionics. Regardless of the situation, TI says its new devices can save companies money by eliminating the need for costly up-screening and qualification testing of industrial grade components, since TI has already done both of those.

The chip is available in either a ceramic flat pack or in Known Good Die (KGD), allowing for small package integration into multi-chip modules for systems with limited board space.

TI's SM28VLT32-HT is sampling now and will be available in volume quantities in the first quarter of next year.

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