Tethering Made Easy with Pretec's H220 Intellicable

Paul Lilly

Pretec's H220 Intellicable is receiving a quite a bit of buzz around the Internet, and deservedly so. Put simply, this handy USB cable connects your smartphone to your PC and essentially tricks most handsets into thinking they are USB modems.

The company claims it will work with just about any 2G, 3G, and 3.5G phone, and what's more, setup is automatic via plug-and-play. It supports simultaneous voice ahd high-speed data communication, and as Pretec points out, you can save a pocket full of jingle over an HSDPA modem and 1-2 year service commitment.

The multi-functional wonder cable will also charge your device and even comes with 1GB of storage (optionally up to 8GB). Pretec says it will work with any PC, Mac, or Linux-based laptop or netbook. The caveat -- and you knew there would be one -- is that mobile phone support might not be as robust as Pretect touts. Officially, the Intellicable H220 supports 18 phones, most of which are from RIM, and the rest from Nokia, Motorola, and Sagem Navigation.

Pretec says it will sell the cable for $49 or less.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Image Credit: Pretec

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