Tesora's Tizona Mechanical Keyboard Features a Detachable Numpad



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I'm a little confused with the whole left handed thing. Practically all of my left handed friends can use a computer just fine. Even in console gaming land, there's never been an outcry for a left handed controller.

I mean, the only way you can truly make a left handed keyboard is to mirror it entirely. Most control schemas are built around the left side of the keyboard (I guess remapping is possible, if a huge pain because you have to do this for every game). Most GUI shortcuts are as well (I'm guessing because it's so you can keep one hand on the keyboard, the other on the mouse at all times).


Renegade Knight

I'm a gamer and I'm right handed but thanks to Carpel Tunnel I've had to pick up Left Handed mousing. For some reason that doesn't bother me. It forces me to use my right hand on the keyboard and that flat out sucks for the Mouse/Keyboard combo games. WASD just doesn't flow the same. Remapping is a PITA but I'm going to have to figure something out.

I've tried the keypad. Not enough keys. So moving it doesn't help much unless it's a simplified interface.

I'd probably be better off figuring out a good PL;' (WASD on the other side of the keyboard) layout and remapping most games.


John Pombrio

I am left handed. Thank God I mouse with my right hand which I think all people do, left or right. As far as the keyboard is concerned, yes, the number keypad is on the wrong side for heavy use. Even the arrow T can be a pain at times. WASD is just right tho! No, as you say, keyboards are not much of an issue for lefties.

The biggest gripe is flight control joysticks. Only a few of them can be configured for left handers, most are useless. Console game controllers could be better too.



I'm a lefty. I mouse with my left hand. Not only is it more comfortable for me, it really screws with all the people who try to use my computers, which makes me laugh.

I'm intrigued by this numpad.