Terraria Nearly Dethrones Modern Warfare 3 on Steam

Maximum PC Staff

It's a brave new PC gaming world, and -- to be perfectly honest -- we're pretty OK with it. PC Gamer 's been examining Steam's graphs through the unfaltering lens of scrutiny , and it's discovered a back-and-forth, Balrog-worthy battle between Modern Warfare and its fiercest natural rival: Terraria. Wait, what? Well, for one thing, Battlefield 3's not actually on Steam, but even still, this is pretty impressive.  MW3 and Terraria have spent the past week nearly neck-and-neck for second place (Skyrim's got first, of course) on Steam's most-played list , with both peaking at around the 55,000-60,000 concurrent player range. Granted, the Minecraft-influenced 2D platformer's riding a nice boost from its massive 1.1 update, but that does little to dull the sheen on this accomplishment. After all, Terraria's running on word-of-mouth, while MW3 has one of the biggest ad budgets in gaming history. David and Goliath, we believe you just got upstaged.

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