Telltale Games Discounts Tales of Monkey Island for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Paul Lilly

In case you partied too hard over the weekend and forgot the date, today is September 19th. So fill up your mug with grog and put on your eye-patch, lest you be labled a scallywag on Talk Like a Pirate Day! With your remaining good eye, be on the lookout for deals, like the one from Telltale games.

TellTale games has appropriately discounted the full season of Tales of Monkey Island on PC and Mac . From today until September 26, you can grab all five chapters for $10, a 70 percent discount over the regular $35 selling price. If you prefer to play it on your iPad, all five appisodes have been marked down to $3 each.

So what exactly is Talk Like a Pirate Day ? It's a day to talk like a pirate, of course! It's also a parody holiday that dates back to 1995. It was started by John Baur and Mark Summers, who conceived the idea during a game of racquetball when one of them yelled out, "Arrr!."

Baur and Summers explain that they pretty much celebrated the holiday on their own for the first seven years. Then in 2002, they fired off an email to Dave Barry, a syndicated columnist, who thought it was a great idea. He ran with the story and then all "hell broke loose."

Image Credit: Telltale Games

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