Teen Facebook Users are a Bunch of Liars

Paul Lilly

The not-so-shocking study of the day comes from Telstra, a telecommunications and information services company in Australia. No need to brace yourself for this one, but according to Telstra's research , Generation Y teens often user their smartphone apps in conjunction with social networking sites in order to boost their social cred. For example, a third of Gen Ys who participated in the survey admitted to downloading iPhone apps simply to appear cool.

Teens are liars, too. The study also revealed that many Gen Ys have no qualms about claiming Facebook or Twitter posts that are not their own if they think doing so will boost their social standing. They also fib about where they are.

"There are tricks to appearing cooler on a mobile than you really are. My biggest crime would be checking into a gig when I am actually buying chips from the shop next door," admitted Josh Earl, an admitted social networking addict.

Earl isn't alone in his social networking shenanigans. Some 70 percent of the Gen Y crowd said they believe their friends use Facebook Places and status updates to appear cooler than they are, while 44 percent admitted to doing as much.

More stats here .

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