TechRadar Roundup: CES 2013 Day 4

Paul Lilly

Today is technically the last day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, though many vendors have already packed their wares and headed home. Those that remain are planning their exit strategy. In other words, the swarm of CES announcements are mostly in the rear view mirror at this point, though not entirely. As we've been doing all week long, we're posting another roundup of some of the highlights covered by our sister site, TechRadar , which focuses more on the consumer electronics side of the equation (think tablets and TVs rather than graphics cards and liquid cooling). The folks at TechRadar are every bit as passionate about electronics and technology as we are, so show them some love, and tell 'em Maximum PC sent you.

In you haven't done so already, check out what TechRadar's been up to. Today you'll find stories on how gaming stole the headlines at CES (Project Shield, anyone?) and more.

Here are some articles you don't want to miss:

We'll update this post when/if necessary, so be sure to check back!

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