Tech Chatter Turns to Next Gen iPhone, iPad

Paul Lilly

Apple's iPhone 4 just recently launched (and many would argue fell flat on its face), and it wasn't that long ago that Cupertino's magical tablet made its debut, either. Nevertheless, the rumor mill is already spinning about Apple's next-gen products, both of which may launch sooner than you think.

According to whispers on the Web, the iPhone 5 is slated for an early 2011 release, and could come as early as January because of the whole busted antenna fiasco. What isn't so clear is if this will really be a new phone, or a just a fixed iPhone 4 without the goofy antenna issues. The latter would make more sense, but given Apple's unwillingness to admit that there's anything wrong with the iPhone 4, the company might have to bring something more to the table, if nothing else than to save face.

There's also talk of a smaller iPad slated for later this year or early 2011. This follow-up tablet is said to sport a 7-inch screen, though other details remain sparse. Will it come with a camera or two? Probably not, but it looks like we'll know soon enough.

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