TDK Touts 1TB Optical Disc

Paul Lilly

All the talk about high-capacity media has focused on BDXL, which are Blu-ray discs capable of storing up to 128GB of data, but TDK has other plans. During the Ceatec trade show in Japan, TDK revealed an optical disc that can hold 1TB of data.

The prototype disc is comprised of 16 layers, each one able to store 32GB of code on both sides of the disc. For the sake of comparison, current Blu-ray media tops out at four layers.

TDK said it used a material with a high light transmittance, which "has already been used for part of a Blu-ray disc." In addition, the disc requires a beam with a numerical aperture of 0.85, the same for Blu-ray media, so there shouldn't be any problem there either. The only issue, says TDK, is in the thickness of the disc.

"According to the specifications of the Blu-ray Disc, the thickness of a recording layer has to be 100μm or less," TDK said. "But the recording layer of the new disc is 260μm in thickness. And it causes the aberration of an optical lens."

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