prices en DRAM Prices Skyrocketing After Hynix Fabrication Plant Fire <!--paging_filter--><h3><img src="/files/u160391/dram.jpg" alt="DRAM" title="DRAM" width="250" height="170" style="float: right;" />Prices likely won't return to normal until next year</h3> <p>DRAM prices are on the rise after a Hynix fabrication plant fire in Wuxi, China. After a September 4th blaze that raged on for nearly two hours, the plant was left ravaged, filled with damaged equipment and problems that have caused DRAM prices to inflate up to 35 percent.&nbsp;</p> <p>According to a report via <a href="" target="_blank">PCWorld</a> from investment bank PiperJaffray, it doesn't look like they'll be back to normal until sometime next year. Hynix is poised to bolster its operations in Waxi in order to get back to their normal DRAM production schedule by November, but for now they plan to produce DRAM in an M12 fabrication plant in Korea to make up for the shortage.&nbsp;</p> <p>Looks like if you're in the market for DRAM, you might be paying a little more than you expected for a while.&nbsp;</p> DRAM fabrication plants Hynix news prices News Sat, 05 Oct 2013 16:50:35 +0000 Brittany Vincent 26445 at Hard Drive Prices Continue Slow Decline <!--paging_filter--><h3><img src="" alt="Hard Drive Prices Continue to Fall, Albeit Slowly" title="Hard Drive Prices" width="228" height="146" style="float: right;" /></h3> <h3>Current HDD prices in line with pre-recession levels</h3> <p>The <strong><a href="">hard drive</a></strong> industry was hit particularly hard by the 2011 floods in Thailand, which is the second biggest producer of hard drives behind China. The devastating deluge was accompanied by a sharp increase in hard drive prices, with the average selling price for HDDs shooting up 28 percent to reach $66 in Q4 2011 (Q2 FY2012). Although a return to pre-flood prices does not seem likely in the immediate future, things aren’t nearly as bad as they were an year ago.</p> <p>According to data filed by <a href="">Seagate</a> and <a href="">Western Digital</a> with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and compiled by <em><a href="">X-bit labs</a></em>, the average selling price of HDDs during the last two quarters of calendar 2012 (Q1-Q2 FY2013) declined to $62 - $63 per unit. While still far from the pre-flood prices of between $45 and $55 per unit, the current levels are reminiscent of the prices observed just prior to the global economic downturn in 2008.</p> <p>Back in June 2012, <a href="">IHS iSuppli analyst Fang Zhang ruled out the possibility of HDD ASPs returning to pre-flood levels before 2014</a>. For this, he blamed the concentration of market share in few hands, which “has resulted in an oligarchy where the top players can control pricing and are able to keep ASPs at a relatively high level.”</p> <p>Judging from <a href="">Western Digital CEO Stephen Milligan’s comments during a recent earnings call</a>, this is exactly what his company is doing.</p> <p>“We obviously have more capacity than what we are producing because we are throttling it to what we see as demand. But we are taking actions to reset our capacity potential to a more appropriate level given what we view the secular changes in terms of the overall demand profile for the industry. Not that we do not expect to see growth, but not at the same rates than what we have historically done. […] There are multiple opportunities that we have as an organization to continue to improve our cost structure,” Milligan said.</p> flooding floods Hard Drive HDD prices seagate thailand toshiba Western Digital News Sat, 26 Jan 2013 13:07:26 +0000 Pulkit Chandna 24912 at Daily Deals 9/6/12: 65% off Lenovo Multimedia Remote, Ultra-thin Monitor and More <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u154082/logic_buy_jpg.jpg" alt="logic buy logo" title="logicbuy logo" width="200" height="43" /></p> <p>Our sponsors over at LogicBuy have compiled a list of daily deals for the Maximum PC reader looking for great gadgets on a budget. This promotion will help you find that diamond-in-the-rough special you were looking for. Today's deals are as follows:</p> <h3><img src="/files/u154082/9-6-12.jpeg" alt="Lenovo Multimedia Remote" title="Lenovo Multimedia Remote" width="302" height="282" style="text-align: right; float: right;" /></h3> <h3>Top Deal</h3> <p style="text-align: left; ">Today's top deal is the <a title="Lenovo Multimedia Remote" href="" target="_blank"><strong>Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard N5901 with mini keyboard &amp; track ball</strong></a>, which is on sale for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$</span><span style="color: #ff0000;">21</span>(normally $60) with free shipping. The device has an integrated keyboard and mouse design with dedicated multimedia keys, which is great for HTPC solutions. Furthermore, the N5901's micro-sized USB dongle will give you remote control access from up to 30 feet away. To get the discount, use 65% coupon code <strong>USP1SP26336</strong>.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Laptops:</strong></p> <p><a title="Toshiba Satellite C870" href="" target="_blank">Toshiba Satellite C870-BT2N11 17.3" 2.4GHz Core i3 Laptop</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$449.99</span> (normally $550).</p> <p><a title="15.6&quot; Dell Inspiron 15 core i5 laptop" href="" target="_blank">15.6" Dell Inspiron 15 Core i5 Laptop</a> w/6GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$499.99</span> with free shipping (normally $848.99 - use $100 coupon code <strong>4HJSP8ZT49TW4K</strong>).</p> <p><strong>Desktops:</strong></p> <p><a title="Dell XPS 8500" href="" target="_blank">Dell XPS 8500 Core i7-3770 3.4GHz Quad-core Ivy Bridge Desktop</a> w/8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GeForce GT 640 1GB Graphics &amp; 24" Dell UltraSharp U2412M 1920 x 1200 IPS-panel LCD Monitor for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$943.09</span> with free shipping(normally $1,318.99 - use $339 coupon code: <strong>V88TP1W6S1FPW7</strong> and 10% off Coupon Code: <strong>2F5ZZW0$R171CR</strong>).</p> <p><strong>Computing Hardware &amp; Peripherals:</strong></p> <p><a title="Asus VS247H-P" href=";afscr=1" target="_blank">Asus VS247H-P 23.6-inch LED-Backlit Ultra-thin LCD Monitor</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$179.00</span> with free shipping (normally $220).</p> <p><a title="Samsung E2420L" href=";afscr=1" target="_blank">Samsung E2420L 23.6" 5ms Full HD LCD Monitor</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$159</span> with free shipping (normally $250).</p> <p><a title="Samsung 830" href="" target="_blank">Samsung 830 Series 256GB 2.5" SSD</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$197</span> with free shipping (Normally $230).</p> <p><a title="WD My Passport" href="" target="_blank">WD My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$99</span> with free shipping (normally $120).</p> <p><a title="Linsys Wireless-N" href="" target="_blank">Linksys Wireless-N Range Extender/Bridge</a> for <span style="color: #ff0000;">$78</span> with free shipping (normally $99.99).</p> <p><strong>Note:</strong> <em>Due to the nature of deals &amp; coupons, these deals could end suddenly because of coupon redemption caps or from being sold out.</em></p> 9/6/12 cheap daily deals discount lenovo multimedia remote maximum pc prices savings Toshiba 17 ultra-thin monitor News Thu, 06 Sep 2012 21:41:46 +0000 The Maximum PC Staff 24126 at Ultrabook Sales Prop Up a Struggling PC Notebook Market <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u46173/ultrabook.jpg" alt="Ultrabook" width="228" height="160" style="float: right;" />For far too many years now Windows laptops have been catering to the sub $500 crowd, practically ceding the high end market to Apple. Of course the Alienware’s of the world have continued to pump out impressive gaming notebooks, but mainstream users were all too often deciding between a cheap PC, or a more expensive Macbook. Ultrabooks have done a great job of capturing back consumer mindshare, <a href="">and according to NPD</a>, have helped keep the $700-$900 PC price bracket from eroding away completely. They also noted that the $900+ price point managed to grow a whopping 39 percent from last year.</p> <p>The outlook for PC sales in 2012 continues to be a bit fuzzy, though selling fewer machines at a higher price could help offset any declines, at least temporarily. The chart below shows the steady growth of Ultrabooks since the start of the year, a trend we hope to see continue.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img src="/files/u46173/wtwniowh8003997865088160262.gif" alt="Graph" /></p> Hardware microsoft npd prices sales ultrabook Windows News Sun, 01 Jul 2012 21:03:38 +0000 Justin Kerr 23687 at Are We In For An SSD Price War? <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u138055/intel_330_ssd.png" width="228" height="198" style="float: right;" />Eight out of ten geeks agree*: once you've taken an SSD's blazing fast speeds for a whirl, it's hard to go back to standard HDDs. (The last two geeks horde ripped HD video files like they're going out of style.) The problem is, the comparatively sky-high price point of SSDs have kept most folks away from their oh-so-sweet performance. New reports indicate that may change in the coming months, however, as the big movers and shakers in the SSD industry lower prices to try and squeeze out the little guys.</p> <p>Falling NAND chip pricing is the reason that Kingston, Intel, OCZ and Crucial will be able to engage in the "price war" to eliminate smaller companies from the SSD market, <a href="">DigiTimes reports</a>. The publication's sources say that the big guys are worried that "inferior products" from bit players may slow down the mass adoption of SSDs through retail channels, so the big guys plan on squashing the competition with a swat of the low-price sledgehammer.</p> <p>Now, you want to take everything you hear from DigiTimes with a grain of salt, but keep in mind that <a href="">Intel recently released the budget-priced 330 SSD line</a> with a base model that retails for under $100. The big companies also hope to spur the mass adoption to SATA 3.0 by offering those SSDs at competitive prices to SATA 2.0 SSDs, the publication says. </p> <p><em>*Yes, those numbers are completely fictitious</em>.</p> Hardware price price cut price cuts price drop prices rumors solid state drive Solid State Drives ssd News Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:34:55 +0000 Brad Chacos 23211 at Tons Of New Ultrabooks On The Way With Lower Prices And Higher Standards <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u138055/acer_aspire_s3.jpg" width="228" height="178" style="float: right;" />Sick of hearing about Ultrabooks yet? If so, you'd better grab some Pepto Bismol. PC manufacturers have jumped onto Intel's slim n' fast bandwagon with almost astonishing vigor;&nbsp; the first Ultrabooks didn't even hit the streets until the end of last year, and a whopping 21 variations have dropped in the scant 5 months since. That's just the tip of the iceberg, however. Intel says that there are a full 75 more Ultrabooks already in development, and that lower price points and stricter standards are also coming.</p> <p><a href="">Intel also told PC World</a> that it expects Ultrabooks to dip below the $700 price point by the time the kids head back to school this fall. The flood of offerings no doubt helps drive prices down, but the lowering of the initially vaunted "Ultrabook standard" probably doesn't hurt, either. Conceptually, Ultrabooks were supposed to be thin, sleek, long-lasting SSD-sporting notebooks that blended power and portability, but that ideal has faltered a bit in the past few months as thicker, HDD-packing "Ultrabooks" -- some of which even have optical drives -- have come to market.</p> <p>Intel says that Ultrabooks will see even more variation as time goes on, including "hybrid" Ultrabooks like Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga. But don’t let that discourage you: Intel plans on cracking down on notebooks that call themselves Ultrabooks, but don't meet Intel's guidelines -- partly by excluding them from <a href="">the marketing blitz Intel has scheduled for the format</a>.</p> <p>"Intel plans to ensure Ultrabooks have a consistent experience. And if it's too thick it won't be called an Ultrabook," Intel's Kirk Skaugen told PC World. "It won't be allowed to be called an Ultrabook because Ultrabook is a trademark of Intel and we can protect the trademark."</p> <p>Time will tell whether or not that bark has a bite behind it.</p> intel prices standard ultrabook ultrabooks News Wed, 11 Apr 2012 17:22:53 +0000 Brad Chacos 23109 at Wintel Tablet Prices to Start at $600 <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u94712/windows-8-tablet-pc-mock-up-not-real.jpg" width="228" height="154" style="float: right;" />While more of a steady smolder than a spectacular blaze when compared to the iPad, the Kindle Fire has shown that consumers are not averse to buying a non-iPad tablet as long as the price is right and the specs not too shabby. Amazon has literally lit up the tablet market, with a number of vendors now taking its lead in releasing affordable Android tablets. All the combustion metaphors aside, this surge in the ranks of decent budget tablets is only going to make the task that much harder for Wintel tablets, especially given Microsoft and Intel’s reluctance to subsidize their products. Everyone wants to know just how the duo would respond. Will the two giants try and enter into a price war with their rivals?</p> <p>The answer, according to Digitimes’ sources at notebook vendors, is a loud no. While not quite as much as China’s <a href="">ridiculously overpriced RedPad</a>, these <a href="">anonymous sources expect tablets based on Intel processors and Windows 8&nbsp; to cost anywhere between US$599-899</a>. But they believe that the decision to offer discounted prices to tablet vendors won’t be an easy one, should the Wintel duo want to. This is due to the fact that cheap Wintel tablets could “seriously damage pricing in the PC market and bring down their gross margin performance.”</p> <p>The paper’s sources find Intel’s situation to be a bit more unenviable than Microsoft’s, as a failure to offer affordable pricing on chips to Windows 8 tablet vendors could result in them opting for cheaper alternatives like AMD’s x86 APUs and ARM-based SoCs.</p> amd ARM chip intel prices processor tablet Windows windows 8 wintel News Wed, 18 Jan 2012 14:04:30 +0000 Pulkit Chandna 22300 at Adata Boss Expects DRAM Prices To Go Up Next Month <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u138055/adata_ram.jpg" width="228" height="216" style="float: right;" />In these lean economic times, a punch to the wallet hurts almost as much as a punch to the gut – and rising HDD prices have us all stumbling and woozy. Creative problem solvers with hefty mobos may have found their thoughts turning towards a mind-blowing RAM disk as one possible solution, given the rock-bottom prices of memory these days. Toss that out the window. Adata’s Chairman and CEO said that the DRAM production cutbacks that memory makers kicked in earlier in the year will take effect as early as January, which means – yep – you’ll be paying more for DRAM soon, too.</p> <p>Too be honest, DRAM has been shockingly cheap for a while now, so it’s no surprise to see a market correction taking place. It just sucks that it has to happen at the same time that hard drive prices are skyrocketing. </p> <p><a href="">Simon Chen also told DigiTimes</a> that while many other manufacturers turned to other types of memory to sustain themselves during the lean times, Adata and Kingston kept their focus on DRAM modules. And while some may think that the rise of SSDs (in Ultrabooks, for example) signal the death bell for plain old DRAM, Chen says that the rapid explosion of the cloud – and its thirst for cheap storage – should keep DRAM demand steady for the forseeable future. </p> <p>Thoughts?</p> adata DRAM Hardware news prices Production News Wed, 21 Dec 2011 18:40:06 +0000 Brad Chacos 21890 at Are Power Supply Prices Going Up? <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u69/Power_Supplies.jpg" width="175" height="157" align="right" />If the latest report from Taiwanese news site DigiTimes proves correct, you may want to consider upgrading that aging power supply sooner rather than later. The reason? Taiwan-based PSU companies have either already hiked prices, or are <a href="">planning to do so</a>, DigiTimes says.</p> <p>It's important to note here that most PSUs, regardless of branding, are manufactured overseas, so this could potentially affect PSUs in the U.S. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan produces about 80 percent of the worldwide power supplies used in notebooks, 50 percent of those used in PCs and LCD TVs, and nearly 50 percent of the PSUs in servers.</p> <p>So is there reason to panic? Not likely. DigiTimes says prices are poised to rise by 10 percent, and this appears to be mostly related to system companies rather than the DIY community. Even still, it's worth keeping an eye on, especially if you're getting ready to upgrade your PSU or put together a new system. </p> <p align="left"><span style="font-size: xx-small">Image Credit: </span></p> Build a PC Hardware power supply prices PSU News Fri, 07 May 2010 13:33:42 +0000 Paul Lilly 12319 at Mobile Memory Prices on the Rise <!--paging_filter--><p>The ever-volatile DRAM market continues to battle its share of supply and demand issues, the latest of which could affect smartphones and other gadgets with embedded RAM. Citing un-named industry sources, DigiTimes says prices for 512Mbit DDR, which are used for multi-chip package (MCP) memory products found mainly in mobile handsets, have <a href="">shot up over 40 percent</a> the past month due to tight supply.</p> <p>The average spot price for 512Mb (64Mbitx8) SDRAM has gone from $1.53 a month ago to over $2.20 currently, the sources said. But mobile handsets aren't the only sector being affected.</p> <p>Demand for 64Mb and 32Mb DDR memory in DVD players, hard drives, consumer electronics, and even home appliances have started to exceed supply.</p> <p>Part of the reason for the widespread supply and demand issues can be traced to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)'s withdrawal from the SDRAM foundry business. Prior to discontinuing the line earlier this year, SMIC used to allocate capacity of around 20,000 wafers for production of SDRAM chips. </p> <p align="center"><img src="/files/u69/512Mbit_Memory.jpg" width="389" height="292" /></p> <p><span style="font-size: xx-small">Image Credit: </span></p> DRAM Hardware Memory mobile prices SDRAM News Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:42:34 +0000 Paul Lilly 11714 at LCD Panel Pricing on the Rise (Again) <!--paging_filter--><p>According to DisplaySearch, LCD panel prices for monitors and notebooks has <a href="">gone up a bit</a> in the second half of February, while TV and netbook panels haven't budged.</p> <p>We're not talking about skyrocketing prices here, but an adjustment of +$3, on average, in the first half of February, and another +$1 in the second half.</p> <p>This could be just the beginning. DisplaySearch says panel makers are likely to increase notebook panel pricing due to component shortages and labor issues in China. Meanwhile, larger TV panel prices will continue to remain flat, says DisplaySearch, who pointed out that demand for 42- and 46-inch models is starting to level out. </p> <p>Even with the rising prices, consumers aren't real likely to notice. Notebooks are cheaper than ever before and continue to come down in price overall. </p> <p align="center"><img src="/files/u69/Panel_Price.jpg" width="405" height="235" /> </p> business Hardware lcd panel prices News Mon, 22 Feb 2010 16:54:20 +0000 Paul Lilly 11041 at Intel Slashes Desktop Chip Prices <!--paging_filter--><p>While you sat at home on Sunday watching Tom Watson choke on what would have been an <a href=";id=4341124">historic 8-foot putt</a> in the 2009 British Open, Intel was busy <a href=";subj=news&amp;tag=2547-1_3-0-20">slashing prices</a> on a bunch of desktop processors, including a good many quad-core chips.</p> <p>The Q9400 (2.66GHz) is now a sub-$200 part after being reduced 14 percent from $213 to $183. That meant pushing down the Q8300 (2.5GHz) from $183 to $163, an 11 percent reduction. Intel also cut prices on lower power quads, such as the Q9400S going from $277 to $245, a 12 percent reduction.</p> <p>Moving away from the quads, the Core 2 Duo E7500 dropped 15 percent from $133 to $113, while Pentium desktop chips saw price cuts of up to 14 percent. One of the biggest cuts in terms of percentage came to the Celeron E1500 (2.2GHz), which was reduced 19 percent from $53 to $43.</p> <p>Finally, the Xeon X3330 (2.66GHz) dropped from $219 to $188, a 14 percent reduction. </p> <p>Bummer about Watson, though.</p> <p align="center"><img src="/files/u69/Intel_Price_Cuts.png" width="398" height="274" /> </p> Build a PC cpu Hardware intel prices processor News Tue, 21 Jul 2009 14:46:50 +0000 Paul Lilly 7094 at DRAM Prices Going Up Next Month <!--paging_filter--><p>Much to the chagrin of memory makers (and delight of consumers), DRAM contract prices have <a href="/article/news/dram_contract_prices_remain_static">remained static</a> in the second half of June, but that's getting ready to change. Memory makers expect supply to tighten up in July as more orders continue to come in following stronger demand from PC makers.</p> <p>Looking longer term, industry sources <a href="">indicate</a> contract prices for DRAM chips have started showing signs of a rebound and should continue to improve for the rest of the year. Furthermore, the price gap between branded finished memory chips and eTT (effective tested) chips is expected to widen significantly in the second half of 2009, DigiTimes reports. </p> <p>If you've been putting off that memory upgrade, now might be a good time to pull the trigger.</p> <p align="center"><img src="/files/u69/RAM.png" width="415" height="150" /> </p> Build a PC ddr2 DDR3 DRAM Hardware Memory prices pricing ram News Fri, 26 Jun 2009 15:14:52 +0000 Paul Lilly 6751 at A-Data: Memory Prices May Go Up in Third Quarter <!--paging_filter--><p>Tough times for memory chip makers continue, but relief may soon be coming, if not for just a short period of time. According to Simon Chen, chairmen of A-Data Technology, DRAM prices have a very good chance of <a href="">returning to cost</a> levels in the third quarter of 2009, DigiTimes reports.</p> <p>The comments came during the Computex Taipei trade show, in which A-Data has been showing off new memory products, including overclocked DDR3 memory kits and SSDs. However, Chen did caution that while pricing may soon go up, a full recovery isn't likely to take place until 2010. Contract pricing for June will be a telltale sign of things to come, Chen said, and DRAM chip makers would be wise to closely monitor and control their inventory. </p> <p align="center"><img src="/files/u69/RAM.png" width="415" height="150" /> </p> A-Data Build a PC DRAM Hardware Memory prices pricing News Wed, 03 Jun 2009 15:06:58 +0000 Paul Lilly 6494 at NAND Supplies Could Come Under Strain after Apple's Huge Order <!--paging_filter--><p>Apple is reported to have put NAND flash supplies under considerable strain by placing an order for 100 million 8Gb NAND flash chips with Samsung Electronics. </p> <p> Taiwanese website Digitimes was the first to report on the issue. Sources told Digitimes that <a href="">NAND supply will remain sparse until the end of May</a>. NAND prices are expected to continue their upward trend on the back of this huge order. This is because NAND flash chip manufacturers are not keen on increasing production. </p> <p> According to Daniel Amir, an analyst with Lazard Market Capital, Apple’s gargantuan order comprises both 16Gb and 8Gb NAND flash chips. Amir believes <a href=";subj=news&amp;tag=2547-1_3-0-20">Apple’s order for 16Gb NAND is a harbinger of 32GB iPhones</a> being around the corner. The same analyst had reported last month that industry insiders had told him that 32GB iPhones would become available in June, 2009. </p> <div style="text-align: center"><img src="/files/u46168/Samsung-51nm-16-Gb-NAND-Flash-chip.jpg" width="400" height="274" /></div> <p><em>Image Credit: ITnewsonline </em></p> flash memory Hardware nand order prices rumor samsung News Tue, 14 Apr 2009 01:21:39 +0000 Pulkit Chandna 5976 at