Think Before You Click on That Great "Job Offer"

In a one-two data-theft punch, several hundred thousand jobseekers using have had their personal information stolen from the website last week. Here's how it happened and how to avoid being scammed.[updated 8-25-07]

The Week's Top Corporate Blunders!

Three -- count 'em -- three major screw-ups in the tech world this week, and Associate Editor David Murphy is ready to put the guilty companies to task!


Modspiration: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Inspiration can't be taught or bought - but you can go looking for it. That's just what the Manta did. On a beach no less.


Jeremy braves death and destruction in Chicago to help bring you this week's Maximum PC Podcast!


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The Legality of Open Wi-Fi

A UK man is arrested for connecting to an unsecured wifi network - but the law in the US is considerably less clear.

Busy Little Bees: Reports from Internland

Butters is building the PDF archive and his first rig at the same time. Which will he finish before the bees come for him?

Skype to Users: Microsoft Good, My Bad, We Fixed, All Better Now

Skype's looked in the mirror, pointed fingers and named its own name as the cause for last week's outage.

RIAA Defendant Threatens the Empire

An RIAA defendant challenges the grounds on which the RIAA's P2P-lawsuit campaign is premised: does "making available" equal distributing?


Skype is up and running, so we present you with a special Tuesday edition of the No BS podcast!


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