Rigor-ous Modding

The Manta changes some of his personal rules when he sees a water cooling system built into a SFF custom case.

Maximum Linux: Open talk about open source

In the first installment of our new Maximum Linux blog, open-source geek Robert Strohmeyer heralds our freeware future.

Car != Computer, and I'll take the latter!

Dave Murphy learns real quick that mad computer skills are in no way correlated with mad car-fixing skills.


No BS Podcast #18 - Towel Day

Welcome to this special Towel Day edition of the Maximum PC Podcast. This week, we discuss the perils of Wi-Fi theft, Firefox 3, and a whole lot more.


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The Rising King

The Manta sits down with the co-founder of Kikboxes Computer Craft for a bit of one on one chat. Is Stu King Heir to a new modding throne?

Breaking and entering with your... Wi-Fi card?

We all should move to Sparta, Michigan, where the only apparent crime is unauthorized Wi-Fi access at coffee shops.

General Lee To Be Resurrected!

Winning eBay bidder for Bo Duke's General Lee claims his account was hacked, screwing up what would have been a record-breaking $10M sale.