Reliable sources indicate that Vista SP1 will be available this week. Pry yourself away from the St. Patrick's Day celebrations tonight to make sure your Vista RTM or Windows XP system is ready.


No BS Podcast #59: The "Happy Hollister" Edition

Today, Dave, Will, Gordon, and Andy give you the second Maximum PC podcast for this week! We're eschewing the reader questions this time around and opening up the floor for a general discussion of a few big issues: EA's attempt at a hostile takeover of Take-Two Interactive, how we acquire movies and music nowadays, big technology purchaes we've got our collective eyes on, and the various bits of daily life that make Gordon so gosh-darn angry.


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Daily News Brief: Ban Online Anonymity!?

House bill seeks to fine unregistered posters, Toshiba loses $1 billion in format war, EA gets hostile, and much more!