The Hardest Mod

Q: What would make me consider buying a pre-modded case? A: An in-the-box mod that almost broke me.

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No BS Podcast #12

This week's topics include more R600 rumors, violating the NetNanny, questions for the Doctor, and Gordon's Rant of the Week!


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Fingers-On: Hitachi's 7K1000 Terabyte Hard Drive

A... a what-a-byte? Dave Murphy takes a quick look at Hitachi's new terabyte hard drive. Unlike an AT-AT, it's speed isn't hampered by its massive size.

The High Cost of Home Automation

At a time when computers and other electronics are so cheap, why does it cost so much to install a home-automation system?

The Fight Against DRM is Just Beginning

EMI is un-DRMing all its music (well, except the Beatles) and selling it online. That's great, but the fight's not done yet.