Skype's Downtime Affects Millions, Delays Podcast

Skype's been having login issues since Thursday, which is causing problems for its 220 million users, all of whom also listen to our podcast.

De-Anonymizing Wikipedia

A website identifies anonymous wikipedia edits with the IP addresses they originate from. Who's massaging their own entries? Just about everyone.

Automatix2 Streamlines Installs on Linux

Like to keep things simple? With Automatix2, installing Linux apps and codecs is as easy as clicking Start.

Outer Space: No Vacancy Until 2012

Already a member of the mile high club? Starting in 2012, you can upgrade to the 250 mile high club for a cool $4 million!

Private Censorship on the Net

An incident of content censorship by AT&T raises hackles among Net Neutrality partisans. Should we worry that private actors can constrain speech so easily?