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Roxio brings Easy Media Creator into the Windows Vista world - what else is new?

Daily News Brief: The Go for Broke Edition (Just Ask SCO)

SCO files Chapter 11, net tax moratorium set to expire, Japan joins the moon craze, and more in this week's news wrap-up!


Dremel Stylus 1100

A cordless rotary tool that is easy to handle, powerful, and holds a charge? Come on now - stop pulling my leg.

Wireless USB Hubs: A Fool's Dream?

The concept of a wireless USB hub is a great idea, so why can't anyone deliver one worth buying?

Meet Zeno, the modern day Pinocchio, learn about Windows' secret updates, compete in a $20 million race to the moon, and more!

TV Receiver Hacking Isn't Commercial Piracy

DirecTV can't use federal satellite piracy law to stop research that involves hacking their receivers' access cards.

Daily News Brief: Get Ready to Rock...On Your PC!

We've got news on everything from how to pick up Office 2007 Ultimate for $60, to playing Guitar Hero III on your PC, and more!

The End of DRM, But Not Control over Music?

Microsoft wins patent rights for inaudible digital watermark technology. What does this mean for so-called 'DRM-free' music - and you?

Daily News Brief: Tasty Tidbits of Tech Served Every Day

Wikipedia editors rated, VMware goes on the offensive, HP takes printer technology to drug injections and a chance to meet a couple of PC Gamer editors!