Meet the MegaTasking Winner!

Check out the winning video for our Megatasking contest, and find out who walks away with the fabulous Maingear Quad FX-74-powered PC

Daily News Brief: Dishing up Big News in Small Portions!

IBM launches free Lotus suite, WiFi takes to the sky, AMD's triple-core Phenom confirmed, the smiley celebrates a birthday, and more!

Daily News Brief: Where all the Cool Kids get their Tech News!

Intel nabs Havok, hackers cash in on your personal data, and could AMD have a triple-core chip up its sleeve? All this, and more!

Butters Dignity Update: New Lows Approaching!

An intern's work is never done. And by work, we mean being humiliated.


Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions include Windows Media Center (WMC), an updated version of the Windows XP Media Center Edition "10 foot UI" designed to help you enjoy your media from across the room on a big-screen TV. Unfortunately, WMC doesn't include support for Photoshop (PSD) files. But, if you've installed Photoshop Elements 5 (PE5) since you installed Windows Vista, you already have the solution to your problem.

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Premier Pretends to Patent Playlists

A company has filed suit against a number of media and hardware producers alleging that they infringed its patent in the idea of putting music in a playlist. Really!

Showdown 2007: Big Indy Style's All In It!

Maximum PC co-hosts yet *another* awesome LAN party. Why are you reading this? Go frag!


Half the staff is gone, but the true workhorses at Maximum PC soldier on to bring you more of the tech news you love.


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Roxio brings Easy Media Creator into the Windows Vista world - what else is new?

Daily News Brief: The Go for Broke Edition (Just Ask SCO)

SCO files Chapter 11, net tax moratorium set to expire, Japan joins the moon craze, and more in this week's news wrap-up!