Real-Time Strategy is for Dummies?

Why the simplicity of Command and Conquer 3 has Norm distraught over the future of RTS games.

Testing Optical Drives

A handy, free utility is Maximum PC’s secret to generating meaningful results

Casting Your Own Parts: Part Two, Reconstructing Joe

Chris revisits the Joe Turtle molding and casting project. Plaster anyone?


Meet the Game Boy

PC Gamer magazine’s Norm the Intern introduces himself as Maximum PC’s new resident game blogger. Origin story inside!


Optimus Maximus: Keyboardus Disappearibus

The much anticipated OLED keyboard is a no-show at this year's CeBIT, which brings to question if it will ever see the light of day.

Casting Your Own Parts: Part One, Deconstructing Joe

Nothing says “uber modder” better than self created bling. The Manta decides to see how hard it is to cast small objects without breaking the bank.


No BS Podcast #13

On the podcast this week, we discuss Dell selling Windows XP, $500 Ultra-Mobile PCs, and Halo 2 for Vista! All that, plus In the Lab, Doctor, and Gordon's Rant of the Week!


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