Lost Planet DX9 vs DX10

Side by side comparisons between the two versions. Can you tell the difference?

HP: "Let Us Entertain You"

Don’t let the VoodooPC acquisition fool you. Hewlett Packard’s consumer strategy goes much deeper than computer games.


Dear lord that’s a lot of snow

The first real DX10 game has arrived! Sorta. Glistening screenshots and benchmarks inside!


Since he can't afford a fancy, $1,000+ DSLR camera, Dave Murphy gets creative when it comes to "HDR" photography


No BS Podcast #16

On the podcast this week, we discuss whether the Zune is Microsoft's worst idea ever, speaker options for your computer, and what's new in home automation


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XFX Amends Lifetime Warranty, Gives Green Light to OC

Lifetime warranties are becoming increasingly flexible in the videocard arena, but Paul Lilly makes a plea for more substance and less fluff.

I'm Going Soft in the Head

Blow holes and UV reactive paint are nice and all, but modding doesn’t always require a hole saw or screwdriver.

ITunes Alternatives

There’s more out there than iTunes. Here's a look at a few options that offer features that Apple's music store does not.