Where is Your God Now?

How do you *really* clean your keyboard? Associate Editor Dave Murphy tests a variety of techniques, all thanks to one stray beverage...

Early Hands-on Look at the Sansa Connect

This Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player is (almost) everything the Zune should have been.


An Easier Way to Remove Junk Software

Removing all the shovelware that ships on a major OEM's systems takes a lot of time and energy. With one easy-to-use piece of software, you can remove it all in one fell swoop.


No BS Podcast #11 - Updated!

It's time for another installment of the No BS Podcast. This week, we talk about Asus's upgradeable notebook, browser market share, and green computing. Plus In the Lab and Gordon's Rant of the Week!


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Trading CDs on

This online service offers a great way to get rid of the CDs you don't want and to buy the CDs you do want for cheap.

Vista Certification on Monitors

What special features do you get from a monitor certified as Vista Basic or Vista Premium? Should consumers look for this logo when it comes time to buy a new screen?

What Might Go In My Next PC Toolkit

Looking for some handy new tools to make your PC repairs easier?

Gamer's Day Report: Big Screens and Fast Machines!

Associate Editor Dave Murphy braves meatballs and CEOs to lock his eyeballs on HP's secret projects!

Learning Linux

Katherine Stevenson test drives Ubuntu Linux and lives to tell about it

Belkin's TuneDok Automobile iPod Holder

This handy gadget helps you drive safely while listening to your MP3 player in your car.