Daily News Brief: MC Hammer to YouTube - U Can't Touch This!

MC Hammer to debut dance video site, researchers claim breakthrough in superconductor research, Japanese Prime Minister sends message through YouTube, and much more!

Daily News Brief: Bright Ideas for LEDs

Breakthrough in LED technology could pave way for in-home lighting, US Government issues coupons for digital converters, high defintion war wages on, and more!

Daily News Brief: Nintendo Tech Support Says 'Smack It!'

Faulty Wii remote works again after odd support call, Vonage ends legal dispute without paying damages, live online as a wolf, and much more!

Storm Worm Strikes Again - and Blasts from the Past, Part 1

The bad guys behind the Storm Worm are revving up for another attack. Learn the warning signs of this nasty piece of malware, and revisit the past year's most interesting Windows news stories reported here.

Daily News Brief: OLED Keyboard Nearing Release?

Optimus Maximus looks set to finally ship in February, Amazon sees record holiday sales, see what one diehard Batman fan did to his home theater, and more!

Before You Hit The Return Lines...Read This First

Get a tech gift that's as exciting as a package of underwear from Grandma? Not sure you should keep the gizmo you got from your brother-in-law? Follow these guidelines to make your evaluation (or return) process as smooth as possible.