A New Kind of Radio

Too lazy to copy music to your MP3 player? Check out the new Slacker Radio.

Daily News Brief: Virus Found on Some Seagate Drives!

A batch of external drives ship with a virus, XBox Live celebrates 5 years, Comcast sued, internal Blu-ray drive dips to $199, and much more!

Colleges as Copyright Cops?

A new federal financial aid bill includes unprecedented copyright provisions calling on universities to curb students' filesharing.

Daily News Brief: File for Divorce Online!

New site lets Florida residents file for divorce online, developers downplay DX10.1, face recognition coming to digital cameras, and much more!

Daily News Brief: Win Firefox Swag!

Learn how to enter Mozilla's Firefox 2 contest, Penryn launch official, new Zune players, cyber bullying, and more!

Daily News Brief: Nintendo Wii Gets Funky DDR Upgrade!

Wii gets an upgrade (but it's not what you think), subway stalker, er, passenger tracks down his true love online, Sam and Max return for another season, and why is Google being sued over patent number 5,694,593?!?

Big Maxtor Disks Making Big Security Headaches [Updated]

Have a Maxtor Basics hard disk? You may have connected a big security breach to your system. Learn what's at risk and how to protect yourself - now.