Is Wiring Your Home Worth It?

Will Smith spent all day Sunday in his crawlspace wiring his home with old-school Ethernet. Why would he do such a thing?

Daily News Brief: TGIF Edition!

Voodoo attempts Crossfire on an SLI chipset, Intel getting into the $100 notebook game, Microsoft targets VMware, and more to wrap up this week's tech news.

Seagate Comes Out Swingin'

Although everyone's talkin' terabytes, Seagate tosses a few extra goodies in its latest press announcements -- including the wireless DAVE.

Daily News Brief: For Freshest Headlines, Consume Today!

Justice Department takes a stance on Net Neutrality, pre-pricecut iPhone adopters receive $100 store credit, HP jumps into the gaming fray, and even a headline about space travel!

Free as in Speech Week

The First Amendment makes a cameo appearance in both copyright and national security / surveillance law this week.

What We Should Learn from "Bad Tech August"

Every PC and Internet user should be glad that August 2007 is now history: here's why, what we've learned (and have yet to learn) about what went wrong and how to fix it.


Apple hogs the headlines, Microsoft extends hand to Linux, rumors of a Zune based phone heat up, and much more!

XtremeMac HDMI Switcher

Got four HDMI video sources, but only one HDMI input on your TV? Here's a slick solution.

Daily News Brief: Big Tech News Served in Bite Sized Chunks

US Department of Defense hacked, MSI and Skype get cozy, first virus celebrates a birthday, and more in today's daily dose of tech news!