3D on the Desktop

PureDepth’s Multi-Layer Display technology might actually make 3D monitors mainstream

Eat Your Heart Out, John Adams

Beers and burgers on are so last year. Take a page from our favorite examples of Indepdence Day-themed case modding, and you could be the hit of the block party!

New RAM in Town Seeks LTR with AM2

Mere marketing, or marked improvement? Paul Lilly weighs in on OCZ's newest kit optimized for socket AM2 systems.

FWD: The Fourth Amendment and Your Email

The government can't snoop in your email without probable cause (at least in Ohio) (at least for now).

Start Your Engines!

A buggy or poorly written driver can stall your hardware, and Paul Lilly reports on some recent updates you can take for a spin.

Trillian Astra: First Hands On!

Will takes a late night test spin with the latest alpha version of the newest entry to the multi-format instant messaging race

MoldRite 25: Silicon is not just for CPUs

Chris checks out ArtMold's MoldRite 25 RTV silicon molding system. Maybe not cheap, but it's easy.


No BS Podcast #23 - The Woo iPhone Edition

The Maximum PC staff buys iPhones for all its podcast listeners, worries about AMD's video card lineup, watches Barcelona chips prep for an on-time launch, and bemoans TorrentSpy's sneakiness!


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