No BS Podcast #41: The Longest Podcast Ever

This week, the gang talks about Comcast filtering P2P, the GeForce 8800GT, and a whole lot more


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Zune Gets New Swag from Microsoft, 23 Other Vendors

Got Zune? Need accessories? Find out who's stepping up to provide goodies for your portable music player. Hint: Microsoft has lots of company.

Wonder Mod Powers Unite, Form of Sportscar!

The automobile inspired mod never seems to go out of style.


How We Test Wireless Routers

Maximum PC Lab North: Product testing in a real-world environment.

Daily News Brief: Stop Tasers and Wedgies!

Twins invent wedgie proof underwear, Qimonda ships QDDR5, FTC scowls at internet advertisers, and more!

Happy Halloween, Maximum PC-style

Some of our editors go as the greatest assemblage of video game characters ever constructed. Maximum headshots ensue.

Daily News Brief: Biometric Scanning is Here!

Shell lets Chicago motorists pay for gas with their fingerprints, a sub-$100 HD-DVD player, Google gets financially bloated, and much more!

Daily News Brief: GMail Going 2.0!

Google plans to revamp your GMail account, tri-SLI benchmarks, BioWare and LucasArts in cahoots, and much more!