Mod Lit

There's a wealth of modding information out there from people who actually wrote the book. Literally.

Preventing “Oh Crap!” moments

When "it" hits the fan, there are a few tricks you can use to troubleshoot just about any computer situation.

How to Become An Internet Tycoon

With this new technology from Meraki Networks, you can become a small-scale ISP.


No BS Podcast #19 - The Early Edition

1.21 Gigawatts! The Maximum PC gang records this week's podcast from the past, discussing new PCI Express 2.0 specs, the world's thinnest laptop, and... The Jiggler!


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Rigor-ous Modding

The Manta changes some of his personal rules when he sees a water cooling system built into a SFF custom case.

Maximum Linux: Open talk about open source

In the first installment of our new Maximum Linux blog, open-source geek Robert Strohmeyer heralds our freeware future.

Car != Computer, and I'll take the latter!

Dave Murphy learns real quick that mad computer skills are in no way correlated with mad car-fixing skills.