geforce 650m en CES 2013: Haswell Integrated Graphics vs Geforce GT 650M [Video] *Updated* <!--paging_filter--><h3><img src="/files/u69/haswell_gt3.jpg" alt="Haswell GT3 Challenge" title="Haswell vs Nvidia" width="228" height="127" style="float: right;" />Can you tell which one is which?</h3> <p>Just how good is Intel's integrated graphics on Haswell (codenamed GT3), the successor to Ivy Bridge? In due time, we'll answer that question with some numbers and a hands-on evaluation, but in the meantime, we've put together a little challenge for our readers. Maximum PC Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung captured on video a pair of systems running DiRT Showdown. One was equipped with a Haswell part running integrated GT3 graphics, and the other was rocking an Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor paired with a discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 650M GPU. Let's see if you can tell the difference.</p> <p>There are two monitors in the video, one hooked up to the Haswell system and the other running Nvidia's discrete graphics. As you watch the video, pay no attention to which one loads first. The slight delay between the left and right monitors isn't because of the GPU, it's due to hitting play on one before the other, so that's not going to help figure out which is which.</p> <p>Instead, pay attention to the graphics and gameplay footage. As Gordon notes in the video, "it looks pretty close." Have a look for yourself:</p> <p><iframe src="" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0"></iframe></p> <p>So, which one do you think is Haswell and which is running the GeForce GT 650M? Post your guess in the comments section below and we'll reveal the answer later today!</p> <h3>~EDIT 1/11/13~</h3> <p>We know we said we'd update this post last night, but the guesses kept coming so we decided to hold off a little bit on revealing the answer. So, which is which?</p> <p><strong>LEFT: Intel Haswell with integrated GT-3 (codename) graphics<br />RIGHT: Inte Core i7 with Nvidia GeForce GT 650M</strong></p> <p>The responses we received were fairly split, which is very encouraging for Haswell/GT-3.</p> <p><em>Follow Paul on <a href="" target="_blank">Google+</a>, <a href="!/paul_b_lilly" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a></em></p> ces 2013 ces video geforce 650m gpu graphics gt3 Hardware haswell intel nvidia News Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:02:23 +0000 Paul Lilly 24822 at