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Roku HD XR Review

For a time, Roku was the only game in town when it came to streaming Netflix movies without a PC. That’s probably because development of the device started at Neflix, where Roku founder Anthony Wood toiled for a time as VP of Internet TV.

The Roku HD XR takes a very different tack to media streaming, in that it accesses Internet content only, unlike the other boxes we tested. It will stream audio and video content from a vast array of free and subscription online services, but it won’t play any of your own content on your TV.

ViewSonic NexTV VMP75 Review

Given that ViewSonic’s core business revolves around computer monitors and business-oriented video projectors, we weren’t expecting all that much when we unboxed their NexTV VMP75 media streamer. Wow, did we ever underestimate.

Western Digital WD TV Live Plus Review

Editor’s Note: This review replaces our original, published on June 9, 2010, in which the device earned the same numerical verdict. Our new opinion compares the Live Plus to three other new media-streaming devices: the Roku HD XR, the Seagate GoFLex TV, and the ViewSonic NexTV VMP75. Comments about the original review have been retained.

Seagate GoFlex TV Review

The feature that separates Seagate’s GoFlex TV from the competition is its ability to harbor one of Seagate’s own 2.5-inch GoFlex portable SATA hard drives inside the device. What’s that, you say? All your portable hard drives use USB? Not to worry, as the GoFlex TV will host external USB drives, too, much like the media streamers from ViewSonic and Western Digital.