Tasty Add-On Hopes to Make Internet Explorer More Appetizing


In the battle for browser supremacy, Microsoft's Internet Explorer may be able to tout a market share advantage, but Firefox's vast library of extensions have made the open source browser a fan favorite. And though IE8 will look to outfox Mozilla's potentially record breaking Firefox 3 as this war wages on for another generation, Microsoft will need to increase its arsenal of add-ons if it has any hopes of maintaining market dominance.

Adding to the limited arsenal, IE stalwarts can now celebrate the official release of the Delicious Bookmarks add-on. The newly supported extension works with XP and Vista for both IE6 and IE7, with IE8 support currently in beta. It might not be enough to win over the customization crowd, but it is a step in the right direction for a browser badly in need of more awesome add-ons.

Image Credit: Delicious

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