Target Offering Protection Through Experian to Customers Affected by Breach



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Target sent me the email on the 16th about the free credit monitoring so just for giggles I went ahead and signed up. A couple of hours later Target sent me a "unique activation code." The Experian ProtectMyID site said that the code Target sent me is invalid. My guess is Target did this for publicity and hoped that no one would actually try to sign up. I've tried going back every day since then and the Experient ProtectMyID site still says it's invalid.



I've never shopped at before, but I do occasionally buy stuff from Target's retail store. In fact I went there twice during the Holiday season. Haven't received any alerts as of yet.



I don't remember buying anything online from Target, but they sent me a email and told me I was getting it because I had, and there was the possibility that my information had been stolen. I don't plan to use the credit monitoring, or Target for anything in the future.



I got the email too, but I haven't bought anything from Target in years.

I just thought the email was a scam because of the weird email address. "targetnews at target dot bfi0 dot com"

pretty sure i remember someone trying to do the same thing to me after that big PSN hack. Someone did try to use my card after the hack, though. that email had a weird address, so I ignored that one too.


The Mac

i got the email as well, ive bought stuff at in the past.

Perhaps it was a blanket email from all their lists.



One $13 purchase during the hack timeframe at Target got my credit card number stolen. Someone decided to go on a shopping spree in Inglewood with the card number on new year's day. Luckily Discover Card called me, cancelled the card, too the charges off my statement and got me a new one. Offering free credit monitoring for 1 year is the least Target can do.