Target Selling Sub-$70 Blu-ray Player, HD-DVD Rolls in its Grave

Paul Lilly

We thought we scored a pretty banging deal when Wal-Mart started selling Toshiba HD-DVD players for $98, and truth be told, we're still a little ticked at having plunked down a C-note only to watch the format war shift in Blu-ray's favor not long after. We're slowly getting over it, especially now that Blu-ray player pricing has dropped into budget territory.

For two pennies shy of $70 (before tax), you can walk home from Target with a Philips BDP5010 Blu-ray unit under your arm and kick that HD-DVD player to the curb. Pretty remarkable price, considering has it listed for twice as much at $140, and you'll have to wait 2-4 weeks for it to ship.

Given the online price, we're a little bit skeptical of the in-store pricing, but if you do manage to snag one, you'll be getting a Blu-ray player with an SD card slot, BD Live, and DivX support. Not a bad deal, and we can remember paying a good chunk more for our 6-head VCR back in the day.

Image Credit: Engadget

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