Talking Head for Nvidia Reportedly Disses AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series

Paul Lilly

Multiple reports up to this point suggest Nvidia will steal back the performance crown from AMD when Kepler arrives, a notion that was highlighted when longtime Nvidia critic, Charlie Demerjian, sang high praise for Kepler at SemiAccurate. But what might be most telling is Nvidia's willingness to talk a little smack before Kepler comes to town, as has been reported.

According to NordicHardware , a "high up representative" with Nvidia waxed surprised with AMD's Radeon 7900 series launch, which has fallen short of Nvidia's performance estimate that it had in its mind to beat.

"Honestly, we expected more from our competitor's new architecture," an un-named spokesperson reportedly told NordicHardware.

That same spokesperson insinuated to NordicHardware that Nvidia's 28nm Kepler could launch by the end of March, but could also just as easily slip into the second quarter, giving AMD plenty of time to wear the GPU performance crown.

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