Talk, Text, and Call All You Want on T-Mobile's New $80 'Even More' Plan

Paul Lilly

T-Mobile recently rolled out its new 'Even More' plan, a single-line unlimited plan that opens the spigot on data, calling, and text messaging. It's an $80 plan with a two-year service contract required that applies to both new and existing customers, and since it's an all-you-can-consume buffet on all three fronts, there aren't any overage charges to worry about.

"Consumers today are looking for even more value and flexibility from their wireless plans," said John Clelland , senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. "While data plans for many of our competitors continue to be very expensive, T-Mobile is lowering the price of our unlimited plan and offering more options, making it easier than ever for customers to step up to a richer mobile data experience on our 4G network."

According to T-Mobile, customers who sign up for the Even More plan will potentially save more than $350 per year compared to similar plans from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Thinking there has to be a catch? Kudos to you and your skepticism.

While there aren't any overage charges, T-Mobile says customers who exceed 2GB of usage in a billing month will still have access to unlimited data but at reduced speeds until their new billing cycle starts. Having a data cap blows, but if there must be one, we prefer this approach than tacking on fees for additional data.

What do you think about T-Mobile's new Even More plan?

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