Linksys Goes Dual Band

Linksys' new WRT600N wireless router utilizes bandwidth in both the 2.4- and 5GHz wireless spectrums.


iControl Advanced Starter Kit

This month, we also reviewed the larger of iControl’s two starter kits, which consists of a wireless camera, a motion detector, an Intermatic Z-Wave lamp module, a door/window detector, a motion detector, a keychain remote, and a control module that plugs into your wireless router.

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WiLife Lukwerks Surveillance Starter Kit

We nearly slapped WiLife’s Spy Camera Starter Kit with a Geek Tested: Disapproved label when we checked it out in our May 2007 issue. The camera was poorly disguised in the massive body of a fugly digital clock. But the company’s software was so impressive that we called in its Indoor Camera Starter Kit ($300) and an add-on outdoor camera ($230) for a full review.
Each of WiLife’s cameras uses HomePlug powerline networking, so you need only plug the cameras into wall outlets, hook a USB receiver to your PC, and install the software. We had a two-camera system up and working within 15 minutes.

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Wireless USB Hubs: A Fool's Dream?

The concept of a wireless USB hub is a great idea, so why can't anyone deliver one worth buying?

Amp’d Mobile Shuts Down

Wireless provider sends text message to users saying it will cease operations on July 24

Quoting Run DMC, Sprint tells customers, “You talk too much, you never shut up” and promptly sends them packing

Taking it Outside

New wireless speakers from Soundcast enable you to stream music indoors and out.

How to Become An Internet Tycoon

With this new technology from Meraki Networks, you can become a small-scale ISP.