Windows Vista

Is There a New JPEG in Your Future?

Is there room for yet another photo format standard? Microsoft hopes to convince JPEG to say "Yes" to HD Photo.

Windows Vista's been giving short shrift to NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire dual-GPU setups. Get the solution!

Time to Freshen Up DirectX 9.0c - and 10, Too

Microsoft has a refresh for DirectX - and you might be surprised who needs it.

Avoiding Wireless Network Driver and Firmware Gotchas

The road between your network adapter or router and the right driver or firmware can be a bumpy one. Avoid frying your hardware with these tips.

Hotfix Your Way to "Fiji"? Maybe

"Fiji" (Windows Vista SP1) rumors are flying, but you don't need to wait for it to get Windows Vista fixes now.

Preserving Originals in Windows Vista Photo Gallery

Don't tell me you edited the only picture of Aunt Masie and Uncle Phillipe together, and cut out Uncle Phillipe?!? We've got to get back the original! He's wanted in ten states!