Vista SP1

Celebrate (?!) Vacation Season with Microsoft Updates

Microsoft welcomes the unofficial start of summer with a bunch of updates for Windows users (including the first update for XP SP3!). Find out what need fixing - and how to fix it.

Here Comes Vista SP1, Automatically

Haven't upgraded Vista to SP1 yet? Let Redmond do it for you, automatically (if your PC's ready, that is...)

Catch the Next Wave - of Vista SP1 (Updated)

If you need Vista SP1 in all its multilingual glory, Microsoft now has it ready in your choice of formats. Here's how to get it.

Patch Tuesday Goodies for Windows Vista Users

If you've been stuck in an endless reboot loop when trying to install one of the prerequisites for Vista SP1, there's good news for you.

Reliable sources indicate that Vista SP1 will be available this week. Pry yourself away from the St. Patrick's Day celebrations tonight to make sure your Vista RTM or Windows XP system is ready.