Daily News Brief: Canada Mulls Internet Fee for Legal Music Sharing

Canadian Songwriters Association looks to legalize P2P music sharing, Ender's Game coming to gaming platforms, the ultimate revenge site, and more!


No BS Podcast #29—The "What Day Is It?" Edition

No, it's not Friday's a special Tuesday edition of the podcast. Different day, same tech news you love.


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Atari Packrat Looks for a Paycheck

How much would you pay for 350 pounds of Atari memorabilia? According to Southby's auction house, it could fetch up to $250K!

Showdown Registration is LIVE!

Registration for the second annual Showdown LAN parties--in San Jose, CA and Indianapolis, IN is live now! Register here

Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights 2 once again revitalizies classic Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, with even more magic and mayhem to suck your soul away.

Tiger Woods 2007

Tiger Woods chips in another solid par with the newest addition to his golf game franchise.

CivCity Rome

Micromanagement comes to the Roman Empire, but does CivCity Rome's offerings appease the Gods?

The Ship

A mod for Half Life 2 turned Indie release, The Ship takes twitch reflexes out of the mix and substitutes a healthy dose of wit.


Use your inherited Native American prowess to defeat otherwordly foes in one hell of a shooter.

Auto Assault

Screw all that mystic and magical MMO crap. Hop into a car and blow something up, will ya!