Watchdog: April 2008

Our consumer advocate investigates Camera Addict, Creative ALchemy, and EZVideotools

Testing the Linksys DMA2200 Media Center Extender

We installed the Linksys DMA2200 in the media room at Maximum PC Lab North.

Netflix Prize Anonymous Dataset Broken

Two computer scientists have found a way to associate some anonymized Netflix users with individual identities, showing just how fragile our data privacy is.

Roxio brings Easy Media Creator into the Windows Vista world - what else is new?

Dave to Fort Bend: You Suck, Too

Some Texas school officials have yet to learn that video games [not-equal-sign] terrorism. But Associate Editor Dave Murphy has no problem spelling it out for them.


iRiver Clix

We hereby decree that every new media player should henceforth be equipped with an instant-on feature, like that of iRiver’s Clix. You push the power button and—bam!—the Clix is up and running.

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Digital Deck Media Connector

Streaming music and video from a server to your TV is nothing new, but this streaming box offers something a little different


June 2006 - Are You Ready For Vista?

The complete PDF archive of the June 2006 edition of Maximum PC, every article included, every page posted! Download it now!