A La Carte Cable

A plucky band of cable consumers tries to sue their way to not having to pay for stuff they don't want. How will this affect your cable bill? Stay tuned.


Sony LocationFree TV LF-B20

The LocationFree TV LF-B20 offers a number of improvements over Sony’s earlier video-streaming effort. A few of the new model’s features are superior to the Slingbox Pro’s, but this product is no match for Sling Media’s latest release.

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With the ability to record unencrypted high-definition cable streams, this HD-tuner has a big advantage over pure over-the-air tuners

Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

This notebook sized HDTV tuner lets you take your HDTV watching on the road, but we're not sure we dig the magnetically mounted antenna

Sony LocationFree TV LF-X11

Tired of scheduling your life around your favorite crime dramas and soap operas? Get your TV anywhere with Sony's LocationFree TV.