Hitachi Helps Asus Launch Terabyte Laptop

We have a chat with Hitachi officials and get all the details about their new 500GB notebook drives!

Daily News Brief: Is Sears Spreading Spyware?

Sears and Kmart under scrutiny over marketing software, playing video games may help with chronic pain, Wikipedia to take on Google, a robot with a unique talent, and more!


Hammer Storage Myshare

When we first got the Myshare into the Lab, we were a bit taken aback by its simplicity. There’s no fancy software to accompany the 500GB device; it’s actually two 250GB drives striped using RAID 0. If you want to access the Myshare, you have to go through Windows Explorer, just as you would with any other network drive.

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Tree Hugging Hard Drives!

It may not be solar powered, but Western Digital's new environmentally friendly hard drives could save you power, and money!


Western Digital Caviar SE 16 500GB

This month, WD joins the 500GB party with its Caviar SE 16 drive. Because the 400GB model is already our favorite 7,200rpm drive, we expected big things from its four-platter successor—and we were mostly satisfied.

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Gigabyte i-RAM

As seekers of all-out performance, it’s only natural that we’d covet super-fast RAM for storage duties, but there have always been obstacles to this fantasy scenario. The first is cost, as RAM is crazy-expensive per gig compared with hard drives. Second, RAM is volatile memory: When it loses its electric charge all the data goes bye-bye, so if you put your OS on a RAM drive and then unplug the machine—D’oh! Simply put, RAM drives just aren’t very practical. Still, the idea is intriguing, and Gigabyte’s i-RAM actually works extremely well and overcomes the aforementioned obstacles, but we do have a few complaints.

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Memorex U3 TravelDrive

Unlike your usual set of keys, it's okay to leave your house without this one.