Phoning It In

I've received cell phones from Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and T-Mobile for my July smartphone feature.


Netgear SPH101

Now this phone is sexy. And its tiny candy-bar formfactor, shiny, white fascia, and knobby plastic buttons make it not only attractive, but easy to use—plus its sound quality was noticeably better than the SMC phone’s. Battery life is roughly the same as a good cell phone—about three hours of talk time; 15-20 hours of standby.

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Linksys CT200 Skype Phone

This phone is sexy. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Cordless phones are supposed to be boring, black or gray, and for the most part, featureless. The CIT200 looks like a slightly oversized cellphone—it even has a color screen and easy-to-use menu options. Once you’ve juiced up the phone and installed Skype and the handset’s drivers, you can plug in the phone’s USB transmitter and you’re good to go.

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New Tech DualPhone

Double cheeseburgers, dual videocards, Nickelodeon Double Dare. Things that come in pairs always seem to be good, and the Dualphone is no exception. Plug in the phone, hook up its base via USB to your computer, and plug in the phone line. As long as you have Skype installed, you can receive and make calls via your computer through your Skype connection.

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April 2005: How to Pick the Best PC Parts

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