CES Report: Meet Mylo

Sony's new handheld device offers intriguing combo of communication services

Daily News Brief: Mind Reading Computers on Horizon!

Samsung delays hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-ray player, Adobe takes on MS and Google, Intel says 'no' to cheats, and even mind reading computers! Are earthlings safe?

What We Should Learn from "Bad Tech August"

Every PC and Internet user should be glad that August 2007 is now history: here's why, what we've learned (and have yet to learn) about what went wrong and how to fix it.

Daily News Brief: Big Tech News Served in Bite Sized Chunks

US Department of Defense hacked, MSI and Skype get cozy, first virus celebrates a birthday, and more in today's daily dose of tech news!

Skype to Users: Microsoft Good, My Bad, We Fixed, All Better Now

Skype's looked in the mirror, pointed fingers and named its own name as the cause for last week's outage.


Skype is up and running, so we present you with a special Tuesday edition of the No BS podcast!


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Skype's Downtime Affects Millions, Delays Podcast

Skype's been having login issues since Thursday, which is causing problems for its 220 million users, all of whom also listen to our podcast.



SMC’s Skype phone is proof positive that consumer electronics design in 2006 is largely inspired by the iPod. Shiny, white plastic design? Check. Rounded edges? Check. Flat face? Check. Poor user interface that frequently doesn’t work right, and a screen that sometimes shuts off at random? Oh wait, Apple’s products don’t have that.

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Linksys CT200 Skype Phone

This phone is sexy. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Cordless phones are supposed to be boring, black or gray, and for the most part, featureless. The CIT200 looks like a slightly oversized cellphone—it even has a color screen and easy-to-use menu options. Once you’ve juiced up the phone and installed Skype and the handset’s drivers, you can plug in the phone’s USB transmitter and you’re good to go.

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